Be the light

,Join us at our annual Be the Light Benefit Event on Thursday October 29th

race to the frontlines

From weekly outreaches to mission trip experiences, you can serve with us on the frontlines to combat sex trafficking and homelessness

unique type of first responders

We are on the frontlines every day rescuing individuals out of homelessness & sex trafficking and preventing children from ever falling victim.


men estimated to purchase sex in GA every month

of our children live in poverty

individuals in Metro Atlanta live in homelessness

OUR Departments

Atlanta Dream Center

anti-sex trafficking

For survivors of sexual exploitation, the path to restoration can be lengthy and difficult to navigate alone. We offer holistic and trauma-informed care to empower and give hope for the future!


We see beyond rough exteriors and circumstances. We know that everyone experiencing homelessness has a name, a story, and a bright future. We want to walk that journey with them!

Youth Prevention

There are many children who are hurting and surrounded by poverty, drug abuse, violence and crime.  Our creative solutions help break the cycle of hopelessness.


We are committed to providing holistic, trauma-informed, individualized services coordinated across programs and agencies to meet the unique needs of each individual and his or her family. 


Individuals rescued out of sex trafficking, exploitation, and homelessness are given options for their long term programming in order to ensure dignity.


We partner with 50+ strategic program partners across the country to connect our clients with the best long term programs for each of their unique situations.


Atlanta Dream Center   In the 21st century, far too many people are trapped in the darkness of sex trafficking and homelessness. Without a path towards freedom many of these individuals will die without ever knowing they are loved. Atlanta Dream Center is on the frontlines every day rescuing these individuals and preventing the most vulnerable in society, our children, from falling victim. When people are rescued out of sex trafficking and homelessness they can begin to walk out God’s purpose for their lives and become a beacon of light for others.

Atlanta Dream Center