Youth prevention


Kids Club

Kids Club is a weekly large group mentorship initiative to engage children and families and build trust through games, stories, arts and crafts, small group mentoring sessions, prayer and worship. Kids Club cultivates healthy community, establishes safety and identity, teaches social and emotional skills and trains children to be community leaders. In 2019, 489 children were engaged through neighborhood Kids Clubs.


Huddles are weekly small group mentoring sessions for boys and girls ages 8 to 12 designed to develop capacity for healthy relationships, practice skills to navigate abusive or exploitative situations and cultivate intrinsic strength, value and purpose. Along with Bible study, Huddle topics may include personal body safety, conflict management between siblings and peers, processing grief and loss, stress management and grounding techniques, long-term and short-term goal setting and leadership development. Huddles are Atlanta Dream Center’s primary vehicle for prevention. In 2019, 34 children joined Huddles at two Metro Kids locations.

Parent/Guardian Huddles

Parent Huddles are monthly opportunities for parents and guardians to share a meal with the Atlanta Dream Center staff, build supportive relationships with each other and the staff and learn more about what their children are learning at Kids Club and Huddles. As many of the parents are under-resourced, Parent Huddles allow for staff to identify and meet the various needs of each family.

Early Learning Programs

Atlanta Dream Center’s Early Learning Program prepares 3- and 4-year-olds with the literacy skills necessary to enter kindergarten. The Early Learning Program operates from August to May, two days per week, from 9 AM – 1 PM.

Church Connections

Children and their families are welcome to access programming through one of Atlanta Dream Center’s partner churches, Atlanta Dream Center Church. Regular Sunday services and children and youth programming allow for families to connect to a healthy faith community two days a week. In particular, the youth program is an opportunity for teens 13 and up who are aging out of the Youth Prevention Programs to remain connected to a community, continue to be encouraged in their faith, cultivate leadership skills and participate in advanced leadership opportunities. In 2019, 23 individuals received transportation to Sunday services at Atlanta Dream Center Church.


Each Saturday Morning, a team of volunteers throws a block party in one of the strategically-identified neighborhoods we serve. Going door-to-door, teams check in on families and provide activities for neighborhood children, such as art projects and outdoor games.